Website Design and Development Team - Long Term Partnership

Website Design and Development Team - Long Term Partnership


Job Description

We are looking for a TEAM of talented WORDPRESS designers and developers (with the ability to build responsive themes) to partner with and build websites for our clients. We are happy to deal with a project manager who has built their own team remotely or a team that works together in the same location.

You will need to deal directly with clients to understand their business and design and develop an outstanding responsive Wordpress website with rock solid code (without having to make dozens of revisions due to low work standards).

Attributes Essential

1- The project manager must have PERFECT English and be able to deal directly with clients - you must have skype (including a headset) with a reliable internet connection. We very much prefer a project manager who has English as their FIRST language.

2- You MUST be able to show your previous designs - we will need to confirm these are your original designs

3- You MUST be able to show Wordpress websites you have developed - we will also need to confirm these are indeed sites you have developed

4- You must be available during Sydney, Australia business hours, Monday to Friday

We have considerable experience with outsourcing and have dealt with excuses, lies, poor performance, missed deadlines and low quality work. None of this will be acceptable, so don't bother applying unless your team is AWESOME and can PROVE it. If you fail to deliver at any point in time, this contract will be terminated IMMEDIATELY.

We have a steady flow of clients in our business, so this could be a long term and extremely exciting and lucrative relationship for the right candidate. Our company is excited to open this opportunity to the right team!

Although we are posting this as an hourly rate job, we are also open to negotiating a fixed price per website.

In your application, please include:

1- Examples of Wordpress websites you have designed and developed (remember we will need to confirm they are your work, so if you apply, you must be able to prove it is your original work)

2- Tell me about your team, including the following information:
- How many are in the team?
- How long have you been in business?
- Where is your team based?

3- Explain the system you use to communicate with a client and the process you take from introduction to website hand over

4- What are the specific skills your team has? Include information like plugin expertise, shopping cart expertise, data base experience, custom coding etc

5- Confirm you are available to work during Sydney, Australia business hours by letting me know what time that would be as local time for you and your team

6- Any other information you think would help your application, including experience

7- Any questions you have about the role

8- If you were to quote for a single website to be designed and developed, what would your fixed rate be to deliver multiple design concepts, multiple page designs and responsive wordpress development including revisions

I will only read applications that begin with the words "Yo Pete" and specifically answer all the questions above. It's a simple instruction, but you'd be surprised how many applications don't bother reading the jobs they are applying for!

I'm really looking forward to some quality candidates.