Website Design

Website Design


Job Description

I am looking for a knowledgeable designer who will be able design and develop an e-commerce website from scratch. I intend to break the project into three separate stages.

Stage 1
Design a home accessories/ home decor website. The website must be functionally easy to use for the end user and also have CMS abilities. You will be responsible for coming up with the entire brand (logo) etc
some comparable websites are: bombaycompany,potternbarn (all functionality in these sites is required in the new website)

Stage 2
Develop the website with CMS functionality, the website will have integration with facebook,google+,pinit, twitter,youtube, also will have payment integration with paypal, and google checkout.Customers should have the ability to write reviews on each product. The coding performed should be extremely secure. The website should provide customers the ability to register for a gift registry, and purchase gifts from that registry. There should also be the ability to apply coupon codes. The CMS should work without any errors or issues

The website should be able to be run on all major browsers IE,Chrome, and Firefox. And also Safari. Also must have some basic functionality on mobile devices such as Ipad's, iphones, and android devices

also needs ability to have tiered pricing, one set of prices for retail customers, and one set of prices for wholesale customers. Wholesale customers must have options similiar to this Main difference is that wholesale customers only get to order in bulk quantites, 4,8,12,16.

Also must have some automated email scripts such as: when new user registers administrator should get an email, and also the user should get an email confirmation. Complete list will be provided before project starts

Stage 3:
SEO optimization-The website should be optimized so that it appears at the top of search results.

Stage 4: Ensure all development work is secure, and no bugs or hidden vulnerabilities exist.

Skills: design, facebook, twitter, paypal, ipad, youtube