Website Designer/Builder


Job Description

I need a basic website set up for my 3 books I sell to chiropractors.
I need probably a 3-5 page site max.
One page for the WOW FACTOR with photographs of the books and testimonials from doctors who have bought the books
One page ABOUT the 1st book.
One page ABOUT the 2nd book.
One page ABOUT the 3rd book.
One page order form where they can pay by credit card input. (order form will have name, mail address, phone, email, # of each book and needs to total out TOTAL COST, then credit card, exp. date and CVV.
You can check out my old school website now at - need a new dynamic and powerful site to help me sell more books.
Please don't apply if you don't have references, don't have Odesk experience, haven't built/designed at least 5 websites with order forms. NO SHOPPING CART system.

Skills: english