Website Development


Job Description

Attached is an outline of what the home page will look like.
please reply back with a price.

Attached is a template of what I have been thinking for a website (this would be the home page)
the outline of boxes represent what will be a section of an image (so there will be 360 images)
once you hover over an image or click on the image the whole image will pop up and on that image I would like 3 hyperlinks
if you double click on the image you will go to the same image enlarge with the 3 hyperlinks.
one of the three hyperlinks (that will be on each image) will go to pay pal with one payment option.
another one of the 3 hyperlinks on each image will be a link back to the home page.
the third hyperlink will go to the social media/ creative project idea (so the 360 spots represent 360 social media projects)
Below the grid - the facebook image & twitter image: when you double click on the image you will have the option to share to your facebook/twitter account. paypal button will go to paypal account, the t.v. icon/image will go to youtube.

Skills: facebook, twitter, paypal

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