Website Evaluator

Website Evaluator


Job Description

I need an expert who can simply look over my website then make suggestions to improve the look; as well as possibly increase Adsense and affiliate revenue. The person will then write down a list of suggestions and send it to me. Although this is only an evaluation at this point I want the person I choose to be able to do everything suggested. It is likely that I will hire the evaluator in the future for the improvements.

I also need to know the amount of money that it will cost to implement all of the suggestions based on if you were doing the work. So for instance don't tell me that I need a better website tell me how much it will cost. I need solid ideas to make the site more interesting and appealing. I will reveal the name of the site only to the person that I hire. I'm specifically looking for someone with both technical and creative skills. I need someone who can think outside the box. It would be good to see examples of a website you have created or consulted on and/or artwork that you have created.

I would also like a rough sketch of your proposal. I'm looking for something to get me the idea of what you are proposing. The rough sketch may be sent in paint. The person chosen for this job may also be hired to redesign the website.

Skills: graphics, design