Website Programming for Asana


Job Description


We are looking for technical support to extract some data from Asana, a project management cloud computing solution and post it on Google Documents.

What is Asana?
a. A Project management system where you can plan your work. Asana is a collaborative task management application. The product has many features, including Workspaces, Projects, Personal Projects, Tasks, Tags, Notes, Comments and an Inbox that organizes and updates information in real-time. The product is designed to enable individuals and teams to plan and manage their projects and tasks. Each team gets a Workspace. Workspaces contain Projects, and Projects contain Tasks.

Open Source Asana API
1. The Application Program Interface for Asana is available for free to everyone with an Asana account and can be accessed at
2. To get the API key for your account, you’ll need to sign up for Asana and get your API key.

What we need you to do:
1. Quote the price for the service.
2. Create an account on Asana.
3. Add, & as the colleague to workspace.
4. Create an account for Google Docs.
5. Add, & to be able to view/edit the google doc.
6. Create the extractor so that we can get all the information we need (details of the information we need are on the google doc)
7. Use the open source API key to extract the database in the said format.
7.1. Set up the sync to happen either every hour or every six hours.
7.2. Data should come from multiple workspaces and get added to one google doc.
7.3. Also if a manual sync button could be given, that would be an added feature we’d appreciate, but not a critical one.
8. Give us the demo (where data entered into the dummy asana account, reflects automatically on to the google doc).
9. Once the demo is passed, Integrate the first workspace we use ‘Clients’ and let us test it for 3 days.
10. Once step 9 is done, integrate the other 4 workspaces we have too, and let us test it for 2 days.
11. Give us access to the dataextrator tool you’ve made, along with a clear documentation on how to add and delete workspaces.
12. Project Closed

Payment Terms:
1. 50% advance after the demo (Step 8)
2. 50% / Full & final after the program is delivered (step 12)

Google Doc Format:

Skills: management, test, software-development