Website Quality Control

Website Quality Control


Job Description

To all interested parties,

I need someone who can scan my 5 websites daily following a template that I will give them. This is for quality control check purposes, and will take about 2 hours max to do each day for at least one month.

Job responsibilities include looking for:

-if site links work and link back.
-notice of broken links
-if links linking back to my website have a relevant niche to my website's niche.
-if the links linking back to my website meet criterion like pr value, do follow attributes.
-make sure no link farms or blackhat techniques are being used.
-check the variety of links linking back to my website; for instance making sure 200 links are from blogs, 200 links from directories, while 100 others are from social media, etc.
-make sure links are not being repeated.
-make sure there is a variety of links going from my website to other sites.
-make sure links linking back to my website are not made quickly.
-check of anchor text for links

Overall work expected is 60 hours per month, with 2 hours dedicated daily.
Payment is on a weekly basis and dependent upon each scanned report being different. If there are no link checks to be completed, then you will not need to scan the websites and will not get paid.
You must prove your work by submitting daily reports.

Thank you for your interest in this job posting. I hope to find an honest qualified individual for this project. Please do not apply if you are not a committed worker. I look forward to your response.


Anup. C