Website like Needed Please dont Apply if you know that cant make it!!

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Job Description

Please read!!! And Confirm you can 100% build the website with all the requirements

I want very similar just '' Change Layout'' but same features of or what ever works better, with all features and properties. (including facebook-integration) The Backend should also include a language module so we can translate to other languages.

****If you have a clone of the code you more likely to get this job!!!!
All futures must work same as or and must have same interface with no limitation.
You can go through Frequently Asked Questions for every other information your require.
I want the full code without any limitation.

It can be in any programming language script to write it.
The following feature must include
- Paypal payment gateway and 2checkout subscription
- UK regions, cities and areas
- Image Submissions
- Email verification for Image & ads for spam protection
- Picture upload with ads
- Automatic resizing of photos to reduce size
- Option for users to report abuse
- Automatic expiration of ads after a configurable duration
- Specify ad expiration time for each section
- Automatic deletion of ads after a configuratble number of
abuse reports
- Block certain attachments, like EXEs
- RSS feed of listings with configuration options
- Search engine friendly urls for ads (using mod_rewrite)
- Language file to change the text used on the site
- Setup different featured and extended ad options from the
- Automated Paypal gateway and 2checkout
- Control all aspects of ads from the admin
- Block users by IP address
- Bad word filter
-Facebook login

- Site language
- Initial State/city to show ads
- Enable/disable image submissions
- Maximum picture filesize & allowed picture file types
- Width and height of resized pictures and thumbnails
- JPEG quality of resized images
- Currency symbol to use
- Enable/disable image verification
- String to replace bad words with
- Show/hide latest Rooms and Roommates ads in homepage and number of ads
to show
- Maximum number of abuse reports needed to
automatically delete an ad
- Number of ads to include in the RSS feed
- Number of characters to show for ad description in the
RSS feed
- Enable/disable featured ads and extended ads

Please take a tour on the site before placing your bid. Thank you.

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