White Label - Rebrand Wordpress, Woocommerce & Plugins | Test Job to Full-Time Hire


Job Description

Please read and answer all the questions below if you want this job. | Templar Internet Design © 2013 |


**If you are applying for this Job Place your SKYPEX\NAME at THE VERY TOP OF YOU APPLICATION or we will have to decline your application thank you.**

JOB SUMMARY: White Label - Rebrand Wordpress, Woocommerce & Plugins | Test Job to Full-Time Hire

First off only apply if you have done this before and give us an example. Or don't apply at all. We don't need you breaking our installation because you don't know what you're doing.

Second, we are a web design company and we are looking for contractors to hire full-time, so this is a TEST for you. This job should take you about an hour.

Don't waste our time trying to say this is a 20 hour job because its not, we have made a 'how-to guide' to do this type of work.. A seasoned coder will be able to go in and make all of these changes in about 20 minutes, so once again don't waste our time.

As the title states, we require you to go in the backend and rebrand wordpress to our company name and information.

Please view screen-shot, this is some of what we need done.


We have a simple 2 strike policy for contractors who display lateness, excuses or lying.

If you lie, we will cancel the contract and give you a bad rating.

You have to CHECK-IN with us, and give us a report of your work, and how much longer you have left.


IF you don't CHECK-IN with us, or disappear, we will cancel the contract and report you to oDesk.

You have to check your work whenever you complete a task if we have to re-open a task because you did not complete it that will count as a strike, this wastes valuable time, make sure you check your work.

We use Asana a project manager tool to monitor our contractor's progress among our many different projects please watch the video now. http://blog.asana.com/2011/05/new-asana-intro-video/


(Copy & Paste, then answer these questions in your application.)

Q: 1 of 13) How many contracts are you currently working on?

Q: 2 of 13) What are you hours of operation?

Q: 3 of 13) Did you watch the asana video?

Q: 4 of 13) Do you have Internet connection problems, if so what are they?

Q: 5 of 13) How do you plan & manage your different contracts & client relationships? (Notepad, google docs, salesforce, basecamp or other?)

Q: 6 of 13) What is your time zone code?

Q: 7 of 13) What tools will you use to complete the work in this job?

Q: 8 of 13) What is your back up plan? (In case something goes wrong how will you prevent losing files?)

Q: 9 of 13) What is your phone number?

Q: 10 of 13) If we give you a DUE-DATE, can you finish the job BEFORE the DUE-DATE??

Q: 11 of 13) Will you be comfortable using Asana?

Q: 12 of 13) List your job references Now: Give us a link to the job post RATING on your odesk profile + the link to the website + the contact information of the hiring. (If you don't have this do not apply to our job.)

Q: 13 of 13) What is your email address?