Whiteboard Animation / Animator

Whiteboard Animation / Animator


Job Description

We're looking for talented, readily available animators to create beautifully illustrated charts, graphs, tables, and some drawings of organs and physiological systems. This has to be hand-drawn in the video. Not automated material, but actual video like the sample below.

We need you to understand what our Physician/Teacher will be presenting on, not from a medical perspective, but from an educational one. We need you to make sure the medical student will be engaged during the videos. Your English will need to be very good to understand the audio from our Dr. We will NOT be providing you with a script.

Experience with educational videos is a HUGE plus.

These will be guided by physicians who will be providing the content via voice and rough video and you will retrofit the video component to supplement and help teach it. The total amount of video needed is around 30 hours, so please bid accordingly. Most will be text/charts/graphs and some diagrams of the organ systems. This is for teaching purposes. Drawings will be similar to this, but more professionally done and edited with voice over: http://youtu.be/x5x19lwPnbo?t=5m11s

You must be able to submit a sample of a previous project to be considered. Must have a lot of time to commit to us.

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