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Job Description

The following is a small application for a product that we are marketing. It is basically clock with a button, which says "What's the time?" The moment the user clicks the button, a dog will tell the time. The logic for the same is explained below.

The Application has to be a windows based application which needs to reside as a widget or in the system tray. Ideally we would want it to be developed in flash so that we can also use in on our website.

The illustration for the dog will be provided.

Here is how the dog will tell the time. This needs to be programmed:

“What is the time, Rousseau?”

And Rousseau would go into his elaborate method of time-telling.
Suppose, it was 3.15. He would emit three short, smart barks with his tail held high. Then he would sit with his right paw in the air for 5 seconds and thump his very long tail on the ground three times to denote three sets of five – that is, fifteen.

And if the time was something like 3.17, he would sit with his left paw in the air for 5 seconds after having shown 3.15 and then he would bark two times to tell you to add 2 more minutes to the fifteen, taking the time to 3.17.

Skills: .net, visual-basic

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