WooCommerce Table Rates Extension - Extended (Add XOR for cubic size VS weight)

WooCommerce Table Rates Extension - Extended (Add XOR for cubic size VS weight)


Job Description

I am helping a client migrate from a proprietary cart to WooCommerce.

We have hit a stumbling block with shipping.

They informed me today that apparently ALL freight operators use weight OR cubic size to calculate freight ... not just weight alone.

eg it will actually cost more to transport 3 cubic meters of inflated ballons than it would to transport the same amount of uninflected ballons in still in the original packet.

Their current shipping partner doesn't have an extension for WooCommerce and the client has additional charges they apply on top of the shipping partners pricing anyway ... so we opted for Table Rate Shipping extension. This extension however operates on weight alone.

I need some way for this extension to look both the weight AND height x width x depth (in cubic cms) of a product to see which is greater ... where cost of 1kg = 250 cubic cm ... and use the greater to calculate the shipping cost for the product.

Ideally it would be great to have something that extends the Table Rate Shipping extension (ie a separate plugin) as opposed to editing the Table Rates Shipping itself - and obviously have it continue to work going forward as Table Rates Shipping is updated.

Please let me know if you require further clarification of what is required.

In your reply please:
- state your familiarity with woocommerce and the table rates shipping plugin
- state similar experience and provide examples of work eg preferably send me the original plugin AND the plugin you created to modify / enhance the original's behaviour (as I want to test it myself)
- give me other examples of plugins you have created before
- the estimated time it would take to do this project based on this description
- what makes you a great programmer