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Wordpress Membership website


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Membership site for Salespeople

I'm looking for a very simple membership website structure in Wordpress that supports salespeople to sell a simple and very profitable product.

It has to be a simple website with a very good structure.
There is the simple access that it is free, that includes the about the product description, advantages, benefits, contact us. Then
if they decide to join they will have to pay a one off fee, then they will have access to the rest of the website structure and the profit structure.

So, once they register and pay they will have access to the product and description of the product with the Features, Benefits and advantages, video tutorials, compensation plan table, the product itself, the basic requirements of how to sell the product, what it is included, the right target people, the value that it has to be sold at, how to approach the potential costumers, after the sale, terms and conditions and some more things, but all in a simple structure.

This Membership website must be able to create an affiliate link that should be created automatically as soon as they pay the membership fee.

Each member will have its own simple profile with the basic details:
Name and surname, country, city, post code, phone number and email. They also can create their profile using Facebook, they also can use their own picture or an avatar.

The website members will also have access to their sales tracked by the affiliate link, it will show the date and time of the sale. But in a very simple way.

This must be a very simple structure in Wordpress, must be automated and don't crash.

Show me your samples of Membership Websites that you've done similar to this idea, show me what can you get me, if you have a template of a structure like this even better.

Show me what it is possible to do, how to make it happen. Remember that the structure must have all the plug ins already installed and working perfectly.


Thank you

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