Wordpress Plugin/Other CMS web programming

Wordpress Plugin/Other CMS web programming


Job Description

A plugin or user managed website is required for a start-up web company.

General requirements:
3 levels of user + guest login
2 levels are paid. 1 level of paid subscriber: unlimited posts fr x$/year via CC or PayPal). 1 level of paid subscriber: pay per post.
3rd level are viewers, unpaid. No access to posting, only viewing.

User management from front end including all postings:
Post expiry:
Postings expire at a given time either hours and days OR on a given date and time. Or after a confirmed number of click through's (for paid content). Or to be on a repeat cycle e.g. every Tuesday for 1 hour from 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Posts have hidden content. Revealed by either captcha or paid gateway (selected and price set by user from category 1 or 2). Content to be hidden may be text, download file OR url link. (set by user)

Picture upload max 800 x 600

Ajax search menus for viewing users.

Viewing users to be able to select categories single/multiple and to receive email alerts when postings are made matching categories.

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