Wordpress Sales Tracking for Users

Wordpress Sales Tracking for Users


Job Description

This doesn't necessarily have to be a plugin but it needs to be compatible with Wordpress and easily added so it would be easier that way.

What my website does (www.rewardauthors.com) is it offers customers the ability to to send in an eBook, then I create a website to try sell as many copies as possible and the customers gain royalties from the sale.

I need a plugin to offer the users logged into my site a page which has the ability to track the sales they have made from this and the commission they earned and for this to be withdrawable for the users of my site to their credit/debit or paypal account.

It can be a single page they visit and to feature:

Total Sales:
Commission Earned:

I'd like it to be in a similar style to this: https://www.odesk.com/billing-history so it is nice and clear.

I need to be able to adjust this commission earned based on the customer and maybe adjust the categories etc.

Note: I don't need it to offer users the ability to login - I can easily get this, but what I'm likely to do is have customers directed to this page created which allows them to view their sales.