Wordpress Wizard Premium Theme Coder + Plugin Coder (no rookies)

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We need 1 wordpress php guru.

This is not a gig for your average run of the mill wordpress admin or wordpress slicer. We are doing very deep level wordpress framework development, plugins starting from nothing, and pushing the limits of wordpress.

Good steady work if you're that guy (or gal).

Occasionally, we have to use you for simple stuff you're overqualified for i.e. slicing, but we'll try to avoid it and keep you focused on a few choice big projects.

Projects include premium theme development with advanced control panel systems, plugins that hook into other plugins i.e. a plugin that hooks into woocommerce, plugins that call our own API (restful) applications (i.e. posting leads into a CRM).

If you've got talent, we have money & a steady stream of work!

No rookies on this one. Ideal candidate is a 7 or higher on advanced php, and a 7 or higher on wordpress-programming (not wordpress slicing). We'll start with a small but difficult task to weed out wannabes, so please don't apply if any of the above worries you - we're a coder-run company and will spot it quickly.

For those still reading: you'll do some amazing world-class work, make good money, and be surrounded by some great people :-)

If you have developed premium themes before with admin panels, please post either screenshots of the admin panel if you can't give me access, or (better) access and (best) code snippets.

Roger in Los Angeles