Wordpress WooCommerce Product Category Fix


Job Description

I have a Wordpress WooCommerce site with about 2500 products. The issue is that all of the products were imported via an automated means and their categorization is wrong. Each product has it's "bottom level" category selected, but none of the parent categories.

So, for example, if the product was a Fuji apple, it would not have the parent categories of "Food" > "Red" > "Fruit" > "Apples" checked, it would only the very last category of "Fuji Apples" checked.

I've attached a photo example of exactly what I'm talking about. This is a live example from the site where my problem is. The "Sazerac Company" category is checked, but not the parent categories above that level of "Absinthe" and "Spirits". This product is all of these things, it's a Spirit, and it's Absinthe. The import brought in all of these categories and sub categories, but only the "lowest level" item is checked/applied.

I need a coder to create some kind of automated means of making all of the products - over 2500 of them - have all of their parent categories applied, such that I can do better sorting and displaying of the products. I'm not willing to consider anyone manually doing this job, unless you can somehow do it manually in a very short period of time and within my budget.

I'm looking for a knowledgable coder that understand what I'm talking about and can clearly and immediately demonstrate themselves as intelligent native english speaking Wordpress wizard. Therefore I won't be considering anyone who doesn't have very solid reviews and relevant experience.

IMPORTANT: You'll need to tell me what day it is, the date, and what your current weather forecast is right now in the first line of your bid submission. This will make it clear to me that you can read english and you can follow instruction. If you fail to do this step I will not consider your submission, regardless of your rating.

This is a simple job for a good coder and I will immediately have additional work available to the winning bidder who is able to tackle this problem in the fastest amount of time. Also, bids over $30 will not be considered - I know full well that for a knowledgable coder that this will take far less than an hour to resolve. So $30 is the max.

This job is urgent - I want it fixed immediately, as in today. I'm looking to replace a Wordpress expert that I had working for me, and this first gig will be the test which lands someone the job.

You can contact me with additional questions but I'll be immediately throwing out any post/bid where you can't first tell me what day it is, the date, and what the weather is where you are located. I need to know that you're paying attention and that you can separate yourself from the herd by both your reviews and your actions.

Best of luck!

Skills: english