Wordpress and Marketing Specialist


Job Description

Social Media has emerged as a strategic business promoting tool for virtually every organization with online presence, to gain rapid exposure on Internet. RMC is ready to investing in social media side of it site and we are seeking an expert to assist us.
We are seeking an expert to help us increase our traffic (at least 500-1000 unique visits/day) and help to monetize it through direct advertising. We are seeking to make sure that we have quality content and good traffic.

RMC is in search of a marketing and web development expert that can set up the site to gain more traffic. The person that we are seeking needs to analyze the site and give a detail report of what is needed to make the site more functional. The person that we seek with need to be able to see up a newsletter with a subscription, help to create life time readership, reduce the bounce rate of the sight to under 15%, set up all social media including the design to make sure that all sites are cohesive, in color, logo and style. The person will need to able to set up a function Triberr, Pinterest, Paper lei, Facebook Fan page, and all social media so they automatically feed and reach a many audiences as possible. The person will need to see up personalize service so that automatic thank you goes out to the person on the site.

The person that we hire needs to have a plan to make the site for appealing to our readers as well as increase our readership by up to 30 to 40 percent. The person will be hired for up to a person of six month to help with readership if we are seeing results.

We are not looking for false leads. The customer based that we are seeking will be regular contributors on sites such as Triberr, Pinterest, Facebook, Intragram. This person will also need to monitor and provide weekly written feedback of the progress that is being made on the site. The person will send our regular newsletter over the course of the months and help to promote the site.

The person that we are seeking will need to be an expert in Google Analytic and AdSense as well as help to increase direct advertisement for the blog.
The person needs to be an expert on Wordpress, the best plug ins available to get the site to a new level, site security, and marketing.
We look forward to interviewing you for the position. Only apply if you have a resume proving this is your line of expertise.