Wordpress site needed modeled of competitor

Wordpress site needed modeled of competitor


Job Description

I am looking for someone who is competitent with wordpress and knows how to think of the overal pircture with mapping out content arcitecture and can work as a team.

Your role will be to assist in building out our site http://domyessayforme.com which currently only has a base install of wordpress with seo yoast currently.

We are wanting to pursure the australian marketing who are seeking to hire someone to do there homework, essays, assignments etc.

You mill be modeling the site of our competitors.


We are only targeting people wanting assignments and essays for people in australia

to be considered please write a short plan as to how you would tackle the market.

You must be able to formulate a content plan such as keywords placed into clusters and formulate this into a work order which would then be given to our content team.

upon receiving the content it would be your job to add the content - update the sitemaps and ensure all onpage elements are ok and we have no errors in google webmaster tools.

here is a breakdown of the process for each sale (ugly page but made so you understand what we are trying to offer)


Once again to be considered you must submit a plan as to how you will attack the project prior to speaking to us further.

You must have a proven track record on odesk - have a reliable internet connection, skype and be able to speak clear english.

If you do not submit a plan you with be declined without reading your application.



Skills: marketing

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