Wordpress site with Steam API integration

Wordpress site with Steam API integration


Job Description

Project Description:
Its a gaming website.

You must know how to use steam api or be a fast learner as everything will be connected to steam - loggin in using your steam username and password

Below is what i am after:

1. Steam login
2. Show which users are loged in
3. Forum
4. Matches (the content of these page must the admin add manually)
4.1 page with tabel upcoming matches
4.2 page with results of matches
4.3 if you click one of these comes right retail box with more information.
This should vouch few essentials: Date, teams, score, which folder for each team.
4.4: when a new game is added, the registered users receive an email of this. In this mail will then be the option whether they participate or not. This is then also be shown. Again in the details of the match This allows the admin ultimately select five members. If this is done then they get another mail if they can do it or not.
5: Server: (the content will be called in from the API of steam)
5.1 list of game servers, so you can see who is playing and what they play.
5.2 list of the Teamspeak server, so you can see who is online on teamspeak.

I would also like daily updates and to be able to see the work you hve done and are doing on a daily basis.

Let me know if you have questions. Thank you