Write 3 Erotic Romance Short Stories of 10,000 words each


Job Description

I am looking for an experienced erotic romance writer (geared toward women). I need three stories of 10,000+ each that are in a series. Must have an interesting storyline and plot and be tied together with the ending coming in the third book. I will give you a general idea of what kind of storyline I want, but you will create the scenes and plotting to suit your writing style.

In order to apply, please include the following things:

1. Tell me about your experience writing romantic erotica. If you have no experience, please do NOT apply.

2. Attach at least 1-2 samples of this style of writing. If you do not have samples, please do NOT apply.

3. Confirm that you understand that I will own ALL rights to the stories and they cannot be used by you as samples or for any other purpose.

4. Confirm that you are willing to sign and scan back to me the copyright release agreement.

5. Confirm that you understand you CANNOT use any content from any other source to write the story and that all of the stories will be 100% unique content that comes from your own writing and no one else's.

6. Tell me the turnaround time for the stories to be returned to me.

I am looking for a writer that I can hire over and over again.

Skills: writing