Write A Lesson-Plan For Armis Board Game

Write A Lesson-Plan For Armis Board Game


Job Description

Armis is a high strategy board game created in the USA for worldwide enjoyment. Armis provides a daily brain workout and is currently played online in 106 countries.

Here are some of the short and long term benefits that come with playing Armis on a daily basis:

* Armis develops critical thinking skills, and provokes logical thinking
* Armis builds self-esteem, skills sets are certain and measurable
* Armis inspires you to be inventive
* Armis emboldens you to learn complex matters easier and faster
* Armis sharpens your analytic and cognitive mind
* Armis spurs you to plan for and attain success

I need a comprehensive Armis lesson plan tailored to a specific grade level (3rd to 12th). The lesson plan should be fun and informative. Listed below are the Armis Lesson Plan subjects w/ focus content for you to choose from:

1 - Thinking - critical, logical, and scientific thinking
2 - Success - leadership, management, win, achievement, empowerment, inspiration, motivation, collaboration, teamwork, organization
3 - Performance - policy, procedures, protocol, perspective, performance , patience, practice.
4 - Exercise - brain exercise, cognitive function, build memory,
5 - Probabilities - trade off, opportunities cost, risk vs reward, guess, calculation, odds, reaction, ramifications, think before action, calculated risk,
6 - Building - planning, execution, analysis, development, strategy, tactic, effective, efficient

Your lesson plan must include:
1) Have instructor and students engaged in learning and playing Armis
2) State and expand on the objective while playing Armis
3) Tell instructor and students what to look for / expect,
4) Have instructor call on specific students for specific matters, then to provide positive encouragement regardless of response provided
5) Create at least one specific fun, funny, happy, or enjoyable situation
6) Incorporate use of the website www.ArmisGame.com for something specific: game play, rules reference, quiz questions, and/or general info.
7) Encourage the teacher and students to play daily

This area will be used to update the listing as lesson plan contracts are awarded to avoid duplication. Presently #1 for Elementary and Middle school is complete, as such only High school is available for this subject.

Skills: leadership, management, analysis, teaching