Write Joomla script to read one CSV and convert into different format


Job Description

I'll attempt to explain this as simply as possible, please ask any questions.

-- We are currently using a few effective plugins from ARI to format data coming from a CSV file - http://www.ari-soft.com/vmchk/Joomla-Components/ARI-Smart-Content/Detailed-product-flyer.html

-- The plugins simply read the CSV and spits the data out in tables and charts. Here's our demo page with our data - http://www.modawebhost.net/globallending/index.php/dealer-recap

-- Everything works perfectly when all the data in 1 CSV file is needed to build 1 page of reports. See 12345.csv attached.

--What we need however, is to be able to include data for 2000 reports, in 1 CSV file, with one record per line. See mainfeed.csv attached.

-- So we need a "go-between" script that will take each record in mainfeed.csv and convert it into a single file in the 12345.csv format (with dealerID as filename), so that the ARI scripts can do their thing.

-- We prefer this script to be a Joomla plugin, so that we can upload mainfeed.csv into FTP and simply run your script - to produce the 2000 child files. The ARI scripts will then pick each one by filename and spit out the data.

-- Column headings and data position are important for the ARI scripts to work correctly.

So that sums up the need here. We will be paying by the hour, and can be flexible, but we need a realistic time estimate - both in hours, and delivery date. Please provide your availability for a brief skype chat next week. It's a bit of an urgent project and ideally, we'll need you to be available to discuss the project via phone/screenshare during development.