Write PowerPoint for new real estate product

Write PowerPoint for new real estate product


Job Description

I need a good presentation written and designed to pitch a new product to real estate brokers. I need seed capital funds, to fully finish the development of a new real estate product with new technology AND new data information, that is currently not online or available to real estate professionals in a usable format. Presentation needs to show the benefits of this new product.

The goal is to get funds. A possible exclusive, or geo-exclusivity is possible too. Since once we get the product right for one firm, then we can scale.

You can either make a straight bid, or something more long-term, with an incentive for getting funds raised.

I also need the intro email written, phone script written, and a one-pager done that my sales team can send to the real estate broken after the initial phone pitch to get a meeting and intro the product.

More info at www.HomeValuePredictor.com and www.Local-Insights.com You must have sales and real estate experience to be able to do this project. Long-term CMO position also possible.

Eddie G

Skills: real-estate

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