Write a short ebook

Write a short ebook


Job Description

I'm looking for a short, simple ebook on any of the following topics:

Ways that libraries can save you money (sources of coupons, free passes, et cetera)

The superfood kale (recipes and information)

How To Relocate With Next To Nothing (next to nothing means $1000 or less?)

How to save money while shopping online (anything useful)

I'm looking for 2500 - 5000 words. I'm looking to pay $10 - 20.

With your bid, let me know what you want to write about, how much you need to charge, how many words that price will get me, and anything else you think I should know. Of course, you should feel free to ask questions as well.

I realize my price is low, so I don't expect you to necessarily scour over every word to get it perfect. Instead I will personally edit the book. The important thing is that the information is useful. That said, I must be able to understand your writing (or how can I edit it?)


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