Write about Management of Information Technology

Write about Management of Information Technology


Job Description

For your project you are required to choose an online company/organization
that is involved in e-business/e-commerce to answer questions related the
online business. Your chosen company can be from any of the following
- Airline
- Banking
- Retail
- Service industry (real estate, insurance …etc.)
- Government services
- Others

There are FOUR different deliverables in this project, write a report that
includes the following sections:
1. Background
In this section provide an overview of the company and its environment. It
should show your understanding of the company’s current situation.
Include the following:
* Company/Organization details: name, clients, location, company size,
competitors …etc. Provide as much details as possible.
* What is the purpose of the business?
* What technology exists to support the current business environment?
* What is the revenue model(s) that the business uses i.e. how do they
make money?
2. Business Processes Analysis
In this section select ONE of the main business processes available
online, and then describe this process in detail. Include the following:
* Full description of the main business process selected (include inputs,
processing and outputs).
* Identify and describe potential problems with the current business
3. Security features
In this section provide information related to information security in your
selected website. Include the following:
In your opinion do you think a user would be happy to enter sensitive
data (personal and financial data) in this website? Explain why or why
* Identify and describe the security features employed in the website.
* What possible security threats are there?
* Recommend some possible solutions to eliminate the threats
4. Recommended overall improvement
In this Report you should give a possible solution for the company to
manage its information technology. A study of the solution and its benefit
should also be provided. Include the following:
* Identify and describe opportunities to improve the current business
* Describe how your selected business can improve its relationship with
its customers.
* Describe how your selected business can improve customer
information sharing across the different business functions.
* Describe the disadvantages/challenges to the business of your
suggested solutions.
* Discuss the type of change your suggested solution will bring to the
organization in terms of its potential return on investment as well as
level of risk.

Word count about 3000 words and pay is $30+fees

To apply send us a sample report similar to this that has APA referencing. Thanks

Skills: management, analysis, writing

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