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Job Description

Seeking a few talented writers to write Career related contents. Native English Writers preferred. We also prefer writers in North America or those who are available during regular US work hours (9 a.m-7 p.m) because it eases the communication process. Each article written must be between 400-500 words and has to be professional. We need the articles to be objective about careers which include job search, information about switching careers, and pay scales. The type of articles we want are similar to those on ehow.com.

As with any professional article, we will need AT LEAST 1 reference you used. If an edit is required for any article, you will have 24 hours to complete that edit.

To be considered for this position you should meet the following requirements:
-At least three years writing for online or offline publications in any field that requires research OR
-At least two years experience writing on career-related topics
-Must be able to complete AT LEAST 2 articles daily between 9 am-7 pm US Eastern (You will be given the titles ahead of time).

The type of writers we are looking for is someone who is looking for long term work not a quick buck. If you always make excuse and cannot meet deadlines(WE WILL KNOW IF YOU DO)--strangely enough a lot of applicants thought we will not know if they were making excuses. if this is the case your contract will be ended no question asked--PLEASE do not waste my time or yours. Put "I agree" at the very top of your application so I know you read the posting. You will be required to write a trial as part of the application process. Once your trial has been completed you will be paid $15 per article including odesk fees (We will not pay for the fees).

We will keep the rights to all articles written for us and you will be required to sign an NDA.