Write an excel scrip to generate the number of rows based on the cell input

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I need you to write a script which would take the number of rows from column A, the link from column B and then do the following:
1) on a new sheet create the number of rows which equals to the value in column A and fill it with consecutive numbers
2) in the other column on the new sheet generate the links which are the number from column A and the base-link from column B
3) combine all the generated links into one single column

I've create a spreadsheet with input (sheet 1) and output (sheet 2) for what I need, so it should be pretty straightforward.
there would be up to 2000 rows in sheet 1, so the total number of generated rows can be up to 500000, please make sure the script can handle this.

I'm on excel 2013, x64.

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