Write and article about Google AdSense Vs. Commission Junction

Write and article about Google AdSense Vs. Commission Junction


Job Description

I am looking for a talented writer to write an article about "Google AdSense Vs. Commission" Junction". In this article I want you to provide me with the "TOP TEN REASONS WHY GOOGLE ADSENSE IS BETTER THAN COMMISSION JUNCTION"

You will probably have to read a lot of other similar published articles and have to do a little research but please just make sure that each reason you provide is accurate and interesting.

I want this article to sound like it is coming from a personal perspective, if you have to use others personal experiences as examples then this is fine.

Job Description:

- Provide 10 Reasons why AdSense is Better than Commission Junction
- Must provide a personal example for each point (You can use others testimonies)
- Must provide statistics such as CTR, CPC, RPM etc.
- MUST make the article fun to read making a personal connection with the reader.
- To be considered please send me a personal message introducing yourself and why I should hire you.

Follow the link below for an example of what I am looking for.


Skills: research, english