Write iMacro to Scrape Polling Locations

Write iMacro to Scrape Polling Locations


Job Description

Go to http://www.showmeboone.com/CLERK/. Select "View my current information or find my polling place" radio button. Please write an imacro that will allow us to scrape the polling location name, address, and precinct number from the results.

The macro should source from a .csv file containing first name, last name, and addresss; please provide both the .iim file and the .csv source file used to run. The macro should be able to run as a loop over multiple entries, which we will add to the .csv to run from our end.

Most importantly, please provide running, tested code that both submits information sourced from a .csv file, extracts results, and writes those results to another .csv file.

(note: to generate sample data, you can submit a generic name like 'john smith', then select one of the responses and use that address data for your sample)