Writer Needed for 15 Blog Posts (Web Development/Tablets)

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Looking for 15 'guest post' style blog posts. The blog posts will be posted to several sites with the goal of getting a link to another site. In order to do this, the content for needs to be relevant to the site it's being posted on along with having some kind of tie in to the site it will be linking to. Each post should be around 400 to 500 words.

I have a list of the content I need. It will consist of the general topic the site is about where the content will be posted along with the topic of the site it will be linking to. You can write about anything related to the topic of the site the content will be posted to, but need to add in at least 1 sentence related to the site that it will be linking to.

The content should be about the topics, but reference the keyword. For example:
Fish Farming
-Cars (Cadillac CTS)

Would be a post written about fish farming that has "Cadillac CTS" somewhere in the content. It could be a post about any kind of equipment used in fish farming "that is as nice as a brand new Cadillac CTS" or something that ties the keyword into the main topic.

Below are the topics of the blogs the content will be posted to along with the general topic of the site that it will link to (web design and development, and tablets) and the word that I would like to appear as the link.

Web Design/Development
-Investments (business investments)
-Gyms/Fitness (Phoenix gyms)
-Club Arinna Hotel (Arinna Hotel in Turkey)
-Rentals (Florida eviction information)
-Cars (Acura's MDX)
-Volunteering (reasons to volunteer)
-Fashion/style (College fashion guide)
-Dining/restaurants (Everest in Chicago)

Tablets and How to Use Them/Tutorials
-NASCAR (2011 Daytona 500 race)
-Events/hotels (MGM Grand Garden)
-Pregnancy (symptoms of pregnancy at 18 weeks)
-Gyms/Fitness (Santa Monica fitness centers)
-Act of Valor movie (Act of Valor movie trailer)
-Volunteering (volunteering opportunities)
-recipes (easy chicken recipes)