Writer to research and write an online marketing manual.

Writer to research and write an online marketing manual.


Job Description

1) I have 30+ years in small business sales and marketing.

2) I wrote my own sales training manual which I use when I conduct sales training workshops.

3) I want to add a second workshop: an ONE-LINE MARKETING MANUAL. Basically on line marketing stretegies that a small business owner can learn from and possibly hire us in the future to implement one or more of these online services that he/she wants to order:

A) Local SEO
B) Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords and Yahoo PPC)
C) Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)
D) Mobile Marketing
E) SMS Marketing B2B and B2C
F) Email Marketing/Campaigns (B2B and B2C Email Campaigns, Geo-Targeted by City, County, State, Region and USA
G) Website Traffic

5) My current sales manual is approx 50 pages and and it has in it enough material to use during a full day (9 am-5 pm) sales training workshop. I want the online marketing manual to be similar.

6) I can research and write the manual myself except that I am a one-man business and do not have the time, or energy, right now, to do it. So I am looking for someone, preferably with marketing experience, background, etc., who can write the manual for me that I will use when I conduct these small business marketing workshops.

7) I want to pay a lumpsum fee for this task. I want the final manual to be in WORD, so I can update, revise and/or modify it. I will be owning the copy right of the manual. I will need to proof it not just for typos but also to ensure the marketing strategies included and are real. I do not any any plagiarism from someone else's manual or book.

Skills: training, marketing, research, yahoo, facebook, twitter, linkedin

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