Writing Assistant - Social Media - Marketing - VA

Writing Assistant - Social Media - Marketing - VA


Job Description

This is a great position long term for the right person. If you love writing then you will want this ideal position.

You’ll help me with various types of writing for blogs, social media, press releases and more. You will also have a hand in helping write emails for guest speaking venues.

1. You must have writing experience though I will train you in advanced skills.
2. Be organized, self-starter who is consistent in your production.
3. Business understand, able to follow direction though you think on your own and able to grow and change as the internet does.

****NO article spinning, spamming, NO PLR – period. White hat only****
This is a part time position or about 3-5 hours a day 18-20 hours a week at most.

Your daily tasks will be:

Writer: original content only for health blog or business marketing site. Knowledge of health writing and/or online business writing is a plus but not required.

• You will create daily abstracts, commentaries, and articles from research articles supplied.

• You’ll write 5-10 abstracts or commentaries daily. These take 5-15 minutes each.

• You’ll write 1-3 articles or ‘shell articles’ 300-500 words, based off of the research. This is not medical terms it just trending news, hot information in our markets, or top-notch stats we want to know and share. These should take 30-40 minutes.

• You will then create social media posts for twitter, Pinterest, FB etc. and post. We do use automation to do this.

• Blog commenting, forum posting, Quora, and more as time allows.

• Knowledge of writing press releases is a must if possible. Goal is to 1 -2 a week as needed

• Email writing. In your research you will see speaking opportunities for me. Your job is to maintain an excel sheet of this information and send the initial email contact.

I am looking for someone who can write with style, can edit, and knows how to make words engaging. Must understand copy writing and editing. Be able to write in a relaxed conversational manner yet business genre.

Report style writing will not work. You will be my ‘team’ and as such I expect you to have a pleasant ‘voice’ to your writing that engages our audience.

A bit about me, I am fun, patient, and want you to succeed. I will do my best to guide you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work with a mentor who others pay to teach them what you will learn and do with me.

As you can see organization and consistency will be your friends. Without them this position isn’t for you.

Contact Me ASAP with your questions and proposal. Write me BACK why you feel you are well suited for this position.

Only North American/British/Canada applicants please this is NOT well suited to someone who American or British English is not your first language.

If you talented, we will speak either by phone or skype.

You will have to be easy to contact, and use basecamp.

Extras: if you have other skills let me know we do podcasts, video, webinars, ebooks, and more. Your web design skill if any are welcome too!

This position can grow to full time - over time. I am a small company that has been around for over ten years.

** If you excel you will put on a monthly fixed fee after 30 days giving you that security most careers do not. Bright, brilliant this is for you!

Skills: marketing, research, twitter, pinterest, video, ebooks, design, english