XSL Programmer

XSL Programmer

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

We need someone to create an XSL transform that strips HTML tags from web content. The tags to be stripped are added to the transform dynamically from a PHP environment. In other words, we need a transform that can be configured from a PHP application.

The transform should cater to 2 cases:
1. The tag is stripped, leaving its content or child nodes
2. The tag is left but its attributes are removed.

A template based approach is preferred. The solution must work under XSL 1.x
One approach found in different variations on the internet is this one:
We prefer NOT to use such an approach that scans the text for "<" characters but rather one that traverses the DOM and filters out certain tags that match certain criteria. The tags passed to the transform would have the form e.g.

<xsl:param name="stripTag"/>

where $stripTag is a string e.g. 'table | td | tr...'

Skills: dom

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