Yahoo Small Business Application

Yahoo Small Business Application


Job Description

We offer a few items, each with 60,000 options. The options are a set of surnames, again 60,000 of them. We would like to offer these in a Yahoo Small Business store, but in a format where a customer could easily select from the many options. This most likely would be done by typing a surname, with available surnames populating below this. It might also be done with a drop down menu, although that seems awkward with so many names. In any case, it would need to work from within the Yahoo Shop. It could work by simply adding a custom field or note to the order that is passed to us as the vendor.

When responding, please give an idea of how you would see this working, and the lowest price you would see this running.

To do this, we would supply a text file with all options, admin access to the Yahoo small business account, and ftp access to the domain on yahoo. A contact would be available on skype during USA early business hours.

Skills: yahoo-store