Zoho CRM expert

Zoho CRM expert


Job Description

I need Zoho CRM expert:

I have a sales team and I'm looking for a simple, effective CRM set up that
my team can use. Here's what I need. I'm not sure how to implement this with Zoho.

I work with a consumer products company in the direct selling industry. They manufacture products and our team enrolls customers to purchase products directly from the company. We also recruit other sales people who enroll customers as well. That's how our business model works.

With regards to my particular needs, here's an example of our process: Say the members of our team are all working from one incoming stream of resume leads.

a) When we bring in a new sales partner he/she signs up for an account
with Zoho

b) We show her how to set up her Zoho account and move leads through
the pipeline

c) She builds her business and brings in new partners - they work in
the team as well

d) At a certain point, she breaks off with her team and starts a new
Zoho team to duplicate the process

e) Her successful business partners do the same


When a business partner starts working with a lead, I assume that lead can
be tagged with the name of the person who is working it right?

So that when that partner leaves to start a new team, their respective
leads, contacts and activities can be exported according to their "owners"
tags right?

What can we do to protect ourselves from a disgruntled team member who might
want to export all our leads? Hey, you never know. What about member permissions?

Does each team member have their own dashboard to work from, or do we have a team dashboard? Are we aware of every other team member's leads, activities
etc? How does that work?

Anything else I should consider?

Please show me that you know how to solve my problems by answering these questions. I will hire the best to help me set up Zoho for my team.