Custom Home Project Management

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Please do not apply unless you qualify for each and every following items.
1) Must speak and understand American English fluently
2) Must have unlimited phone capability to call to the US cell phones and landlines and receive calls to your phone.
3) Must be available during 9:00 am to 5:00 pm US Central Time Zone.
4) Must have some experience in custom home building project management

Job description.
Must have a basic knowledge of home building material, light fixtures, crown molding, marble sculptures, hardwood/marble flooring etc. I will give you a list of the task for which you will have to get 3 bids per job. I will send you the design of the house in pdf file.

Must be able to go to local vendor sites in Beijing. Employee will pay the travel expenses.

This job is for a new house that will be built. To get 3 bids per job you will have to contact 8 to 12 potential contractors. You will give the subcontractor your contact information and they will call you back. You will submit your result in an Excel sheet that I will provide you later. To do this job you must study the house design blue print, understand it.

$3.5/hr plus $4 per job. Each job must have 3 bids.