Looking for a extremely talented Technology developer / team who wants to be a part of a very special start up.

Looking for a extremely talented Technology developer / team who wants to be a part of a very special start up.


Job Description

My name is Shawn Coombs and I am the CEO and President of Business Development for Destination Saver. We are a member based travel, leisure and lifestyle club that provides travel, leisure activities. and shopping at cost with no mark up. Destination Saver is not just a website its a social experience that is all about your lifestyle, the things you enjoy in life or want to enjoy made affordable and easy to achieve. We create value in what you look for in life.

We are looking for a technology wizard that is creative, open minded, can do any tech related job needed from developing software, websites, apps, graphic design, motion graphics, etc.... We want to have someone who is very talented that has or can build a tech team to will make sure that Destination Saver is always updated, and secure. Someone who will want to invest their time and work into the company like it was their own, someone who will step over pennies to make dollars. someone who sees our vision and will do anything to make sure that we are always ahead of the competition.

We need an open mind team that can come to us with ideas and understand what we are trying to build. We need to all be a team. We are looking for someone that will grow with us that means be willing to build with us using your skills and knowledge despite a very limited budget . We need people that see that once in a lifetime opportunity and do it to be a part of something very special not for the money but why we do what we do, the result will be so rewarding and the large financial gains will be a result of the good provided by Destination Saver.

Please provide a resume, a proposal, your goals, resources, describe in detail what you can provide to Destination Saver and how you would achieve it.

IF you work with a team please provide detail about your team and experience they provide.

We will be requiring 24 hour support. English needs to real good. This is a very important part of our development team. EXPERIENCE IS A MUST for this person will run and maintain all our technology. This is a great opportunity for the right person or team.