Machine Learning Specialist (Octave Preferred)

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Hello, Machine Learning Specialist.

I have a dataset of electricity generation data with weather dataset, and now I am developing machine learning model to predict month-ahead electricity generation.

Criteria for Machine Learning Specialist is...

* Can develop various models (multiple-variable regression, multiple-polynomial regression, Neural Network, SVM)
* Compute cost-function
* Use cross-validation and Regularization.
* Octave is preferred.

Data set is below. (not massive, just 1000 records)

* Electricity generation (month)
* Average Temperature (month)
* Average Day Light ((month))
* Month (Jan- Dec)
* Year (2010-2013)


If you can work well with this data, our company can hire you with better conditions. This is kinda screening test.