Job Description

My company's name is My Investors Haven and it's a Real Estate Investment company, I buy houses at a discount and sell at a higher price (Wholesaling) this is in the USA, state of Alabama.
I'm seeking an expert in posting to classified site such as Craigslist, Backpage, Postlets, IT'S VERY IMPORTANT that you know how to get around IP issues and know about PVA'S so I don't get Ghosted or Flagged.
As you know once you get Ghosted it's very hard to get your ads live again.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Have IP bypass blockers/tools.
Place ads 2 to 3 times a day.
Set up 7 initial Craigslists and Google accounts for each day of the week.
Direct traffic to my website, HTML codes, Squeeze Pages.
Work on US Central time, 9am, 12pm & 5pm five to seven days a week.
Be able to speak and write decent English, good learning and communication skills.
Possibly compile daily spreadsheets.

At first it will be minimum hours but could turn into full time 40 hours plus a week if individual is qualified candidate.
I will have video's to help and train you! We will communicate by email, phone & Skype if it's available.