Website Conversion & Engagement Specialist

Website Conversion & Engagement Specialist


Job Description

*Update: we do not need SEO or PPC skills, we already rank for the terms, we are looking at website conversion

I am looking for an web marketing expert to work on a establish B2B website I am running that is ranked in Google #1 to #5. The goal of the project is to convert more visitors to paying customers, and to engage with visitors at a deeper level.. Attention should be paid to:

1. Google, Yahoo and Bing SEO results
2. Landing page presentation and invitation to purchase.
3. End user web experience and engagement
4. Custom 404 page development and fix any broken links

I will provide the contractor with a full layout of the site and prioritized areas to work on and expectations on timing for completing these areas.

Virtual Team Member Requirements

I am looking for a team member who meets the following requirements:
1. Has strong SEO/SEM skills, as represented by previous work
2. Is familiar with B2B website design concepts and how they differ to B2C design
3. Has a strong understand of B2B website design and B2B engagement

How to apply

Please respond with a email that includes the following:
1. Your proficiency with B2B websites and before-and-after examples of websites on which you’ve worked
2. Experience with SEM and web conversions

In addition, please answer the following:
How does a B2B website normally differ from a B2C website?

About the Company
We are a niche B2B distributor and retailer in information security products, currently focused in UK and Ireland, but looking to expand across Europe. Ideally, we would like a team member to join us for a medium-long term contract.

Skills: design, yahoo, marketing