virtual ritual space/app wanted fee negotiable

virtual ritual space/app wanted fee negotiable


Job Description

I have been looking for an app or something to conduct wiccan/religious rituals. I would like current moon phases, planetary alignments, the ability to travel virtually anywhere in the world to set up sacred space. I want to be able to use the ritual instruments, sprinkle salt/cornmeal etc, create a circle, place objects on the altar, light candles & blow them out. I would like an avatar to represent myself and I would like to be able to change her clothes or go skyclad aka naked. I would like to be able to invite clients into my sacred space in order to perform reiki, read runes, tarot cards, perform spells and so on. I do not have a lot of cash but with Wicca being the 5 largest religion in the world I truly believe something like this is a goldmine waiting to be opened for all to enjoy. So yes I will also want to have a leave a gift button so clients can pay for my virtual services. I'd also like everything I do to get written in my little virtual BOS aka book of shadows including a video of the work I'v performed. I'm sure I've left a few things out but this should give you a few ideas. If I have to scrimp and save to pay you a fortune to make it I want to own it all. If you want to work with my idea so we can both benefit I want first dibbs and I want it all for free.

That is the job I am offering and the conditions and I'll save this dated material in case something similar comes out and I need a lawyer.

The 10.00 for pay is just something I had to put in order to post we can negotiate your fee if you want money.