Help me get up and running with PhoneGap

Help me get up and running with PhoneGap


Job Description

To broaden my programming skills, I would like to get started with PhoneGap. Can you help me set up my environment so I can create my first mobile app?

The project I have in mind is a simple mobile app that would connect to an API to access private account info. To authenticate, I want to send an SMS with code from the server to the mobile number, which my app will intercept and submit back to the server.
My first version will use this Android plugin:
(later I will need this for other OS'es, but let's not get into too much trouble)

Your task will be to set up my GitHub project with basic PhoneGap code and project layout. I will provide the API with SMS-send-service and a functional design of what I have in mind.

Also I will need instructions to get the dev environment working. I work on Linux (latest Ubuntu).

This project runs in my spare time, that's why I request only a few hours per week.