Collect App Information from App Stores

Collect App Information from App Stores


Job Description

I need someone who knows a good way to collect (or scrape) information from the app stores.

Ideally the end product will be a spreadsheet with the following information for each app:
App Name Author, Website, Location, Email, Category, Category Rank, Overall Rank, iTunes Rating, Google Play Rating, Windows Marketplace Rating, AppAnnie Link
(See the attached spreadsheet for an example.)

There are a few places where you can gather this information:
AppAnnie -
Top App Charts -
Apple iTunes App Store
Google Play Android App Store -
Windows Marketplace -

If you are interested and capable of doing this work, please let me know the following:

- What have you scraped from websites in the past?
- What software (language, ie) do you use for scraping?
- How do you plan to accomplish this task?
- What potential challenges do you face scraping this information?
- How many hours do you think it will take for you to complete this job? (That is, complete writing an automated script that gathers all the information requested?)
- Do you work alone or with a team? If with a team, how do you manage the work?

Finally: Be sure to begin your response with the word VELOCITY so that I know you read this. If you don't, I will ignore your letter.

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