c++ project

c++ project


Job Description

create a c++ file with class named bluebox

should have member functions

admin- allows the owner of the machine to sign in using code 99. the member function screen should the owner any dvds currently in stock or not renter and those that have been returned. how much money made on sales. assume all revenues as profit.

inventory- track dvd invrntory. 2 copies of 3 different dvds available only. if they request a tile out of inventory must tell em.

screen- should control all output to the screen. including user interface.

customers-should tell which customer is renting. give each customer a name and greet them each time they sign in. there are three customers which gain access using code 00 01 12

returned- control the returned dvds by a customer. these are not restocked.

the whole program should keep running once the code has been entered customers can rent anf return without reentering the code

when there is no dvds in the box program should close down and cout a message out of order