Consumer Expert


Job Description

We require a team to go though our website navigate around the site and provide a report from entering the site to placing an order, then provide a full detailed report with all the findings and issues from the usability testing, including screenshots and participant quotes, specific and prioritised recommendations against every website issue, which feature:

1, Range of different options for implementing the solution.

2, Mok-ups screens to show how the web pages will look after your recommendations.

3, Screenshots from other websites showcasing the best practice.

4, Ideas for future site developments(content & functionality)

This report should be written clearly with all relevant issues explained thoroughly, jargon free and straight to the point.

Our aim is to increase sales and task completions which will result in higher conversions and more profit, the right candidate should have had previous experience in this sector and be able to show results from recent work.

When submitting your application make sure you attach actual previous work and results of before and after, no applications will be put forward without any previous experience or results.