SEO Link Prospecting (Guest Posts & Infographics)


Job Description

Looking for an SEO link builder to find quality blogs and websites based on seed keyword lists I provide.

From the lists you find blogs, media sites, and communities I can reach out to and qualify them based on.

Domain Authority (DA)
Social Media Profiles
Location (UK/US/ AU)

You will build out detailed link prospect documents.

Required Skills / Qualifications

*Excellent communication skills
*Near-perfect English
*Strong SEO skills, as represented by previous work on oDesk
*Available for ongoing part-time work (10+ hours per week)

You will need to have strong organizational skills, be highly responsive, flexible, available to start immediately and be able to communicate very well in English.

Your role will include:

*Finding suitable websites/blogs (prospecting)
*Evaluating link prospects and rating them according to opportunity
*Sending domains to your team lead for approval
*Acquiring links to our clients' sites

I will supply you with a list of link prospects. Excellent interpersonal and communication, as well as English language skills are required.

Your role may include:
*Making contact and developing a relationship with the website owners.

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:
1. Your process for link prospecting - What works, what doesn't work?
2. What makes a link high quality? What factors do you look for?
3. Name 2-3 things which you should NOT do when contacting someone for a link

Also, I will NOT approve of you using our websites or our clients in your work portfolio - although I will leave you EXCELLENT feedback for a job well done.

Skills: english, communication-skills