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Job Description


We are looking for a web developer to continue work on our website. The website is about 80% finished right now – and the remaining 20% needs to be completed. We need for this to be completed with in the next 4 - 6 weeks.

Please visit www.cohenprinting,net . Try and create a birth announcement and thank you card. We want the same level of flexibility in designing. Notice how they can upload multiple photos, change font, colors, etc.

To give an even better idea of the customer template design section Visit / and try to build an invitation. Notice how they have sample layouts available or you can design from scratch. Also, when you finish building the invitation, you have the option to add other products (response card, thank you card, return address, lined envelopes) with a similar design/logo to the order before checking out. We want to have something very similar.

Customers must be able to log-in with their account or use a guest account and custom design their entire product from start to finish. They must design the order, place the order, review the order, submit the order, have a credit card info online (we don't need the credit card processing) and receive an email proof of their design with shipping info.

The site must be very fast, user-friendly, and beautiful! The website must also be a good size for various monitors such as 1024x768 (the browser window width/height should be reasonable and not too large/small).

We are responsible for entering items, and images and pricing.

You are responsible for installing plugins as needed, testing and validation.

This individual needs to be someone who is very detail oriented, creative, has a bright imagination and needs very little guidance from me. The purpose of this website is to get pre-paid printing jobs from across the USA.

All order jobs will be received in 2 formats. Either the customer will upload their own document or design one through our templates.

Preffer someone that build similar site before and familiar with the invitation industry. Looking for someone to make this a beautiful and user friendly website.


--Customers can create their own accounts

--Customers can reset their username & password

--Be able to place an order as a guest or with their own personal account

--Cart feature

--Keeps history of previous orders so a customer can log-in to their account
and view their past orders and simply click ”Reorder” to order their item

--Build interactive templates for business cards, flyers, business forms, etc.

--Through these templates, the customer should be able to choose the, ink color, quantity, font type, layout, graphics.

--If a customer builds an invitation, there should be an option to add other items with a similar design such as thank you cards, response cards, lined envelopes, etc. without having to redesign the entire item.

--Once a customer designs the template, they should be able to print it out. But then it prints it should have the word “PROOF” printed in large letters over the entire document

--Be able to store credit card information online

--Drop-down list of shipping methods - ground, next day, second day, third day

--All placed orders need to be created into a pdf document and emailed to us

--Customers should receive an email confirmation of their order

--Should keep track of all statistics of the site

--Customers should be able to signup for monthly discounts

--As the owner, I should be able to log into my website and see all orders placed, payments made, graphs showing total orders & cash flow on weekly / monthly basis, etc.

Finally, I will send you further details of the project if you are selected for the contract. We will be selecting someone soon and want this site to be built and running within 4-6 weeks.

From the description above, you can tell a lot is expected from us. If you feel that you can meet/exceed our expectations and build this site quickly------then you will also be rewarded with a bonus.

When applying, please send us links to other websites you have built.