Job Description

We have have a requirement that needs some of the core boonex features removed to facilitate the correction function of our test site. Once the test site works as it should we want to migrate to the latest version of the boonex platform.

The job specification is as follows.

1. Create correct navigation menus
2. Remove all features that relate to dating , sex and age and replace with business centric features such as number of employees, company registration number, date company was founded
3. Site registration integrated with Zoho CRM
4. An affiliate / Banner Advert solution to allow businesses to place adverts that if converted to a sale as a click through generates us revenue
5.Test that the android and apple mobile ap searches with the new criteria
6.Ensure that video comment posting works and if possible use vimeo / flowplayer / other too play them
7.SEO Optimisation for the portal and optimise SEO so that companies that are registered to the portal are found in google.
8. Integrate RSS Feeds , Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Linked IN
9.We will provide access to the current test site
10. Advise on functionality improvements

Skills: test, banner, video, twitter, facebook