C Programmer

C Programmer


Job Description

The focus of this position will be on:
• migrating the PURL Service from a Solaris platform to a SLES VM.
• migrating the backend GNU dbm, which may require developing scripts to unload and reload the database
• creating a regression test suite for the application
• advising on a further migration from the PURL to the PURLZ software

Work Samples: All candidates will provide examples of production C code they have worked on. Candidates should also provide documentation samples, and examples of hand-off documentation on completion of contract assignments.

Required Qualifications:

• Expert proficiency and 3 years recent experience with C in a production system environment
• Demonstrated ability to build and deploy regression test suites
General Computer Knowledge
• Experience working within Solaris and Linux environments.
• Experience working with version control systems
Work experience
• Experience with cross platform migration projects
• Experience working from the command line with bash, make and ssh
Communication and Collaboration
• Self-motivated, possessing ability to work within a flexible team environment with minimal supervision
• Ability to meet deadlines in an efficient and quality-oriented manner.
• Excellent communication, organizational and team skills.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate implementation decisions to non-technical staff.
• Demonstrated ability to package and hand-off code and system level documentation on completion of contract.

Skills: solaris, gnu, test, linux